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Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)

Thru Tubing Solutions offers a complete line of TCP systems for highly deviated and horizontal wells. Whether the application is part of the original well design or in response to unexpected well conditions; running perforating guns on tubing ensures reaching targeted depth in circumstances where it is impossible to pump wireline guns down. The systems are adaptable to a variety of gun lengths to accommodate a range of completion procedures and job scenarios.

In addition to conventional TCP, Thru Tubing Solutions offers a patented TCP Motor Cleanout System that combines the function of a downhole motor with tubing conveyed perforating for toe-prep operations. 

Our experienced personnel have extensive knowledge in TCP operations providing the best results possible for our customers.

TCP Motor Cleanout System

The patented TCP Motor Cleanout System combines the traditional two-trip method of well prep and perforating into a single operation. Designed for toe-prep operations, the TCP Motor Cleanout System provides a means of milling/cleaning to bottom before perforating. The system involves running a tubing conveyed perforator above a TTS motor BHA, cycled by dropping a ball.

  • Run in hole with full motor action
  • Drop ball to shut off flow through the motor
  • TCP guns fire once desired pressure it attained


•    Multistage Completions
•    Deviated or Horizontal Wells
•    Plug-and-Perf Tandem Runs
•    Over or Underbalanced Perforating


•    Simultaneously Perforate Long or Spaced Out Intervals
•    Various Firing Systems
•    No Temperature Concerns
•    Gun Release System (Auto or Manual)


Our shaped charge systems are sourced from industry leading manufacturers to ensure reliability. We supply a variety of firing heads to accommodate numerous job scenarios, ranging in sizes from 1-3/8” to 3-3/8”.

Firing Systems Available:

•    Ball or Bar Drop
•    Pressure Actuated
•    Time Delay
•    Extended Time Delay