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Trip-n-Tool (TNT)

The Trip-N-Tool was designed to reduce the overall cost and eliminate the need for multiple trips; thus putting the well into production sooner. Split string milling allows the customer to run the entire length of production tubing at one time, with less work string required; reducing their overall rental charges and trip time. Providing a dual barrier within the TNT eliminates the need for a snubbing unit and slick line operations while ensuring the job is completed safely. 

Once all plugs have been milled out and TD reached, a ball is pumped to shift an internal seat, which releases the lower portion of the Trip-N-Tool. The motor/bit is pumped off and left downhole, below the bottom perforations; simultaneously this closes dual flapper valves to maintain well control. Tubing is then tripped out of the hole until the desired production depth is reached. Once tubing is landed and the wellhead secured, a dissolvable ball is dropped to permanently open the dual flapper valves, leaving the tubing string ready for production. This innovative tool design eliminates additional surface equipment and flow back operations. 

Key features

  • Single Trip to Mill and Hang Production String
  • Compatible with Motor or Rotary Drilling
  • Maintain Well Control with Dual Flappers
  • Short Design
  • No Flow Back of Internals Required


3.750.811.695.36114,7692,3802-7/8" PAC
3.880.811.865.39159,4563,0502-7/8" PAC