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Torque Measurement Devices

Incorporating Bluetooth technology for wireless communication, the E-Wrench & E-Vise provide accurate torque measurement when assembling tools in the shop or in the field.  Audible and visual indicators alert users when targeted torque is reached-preventing over and under torquing equipment.  E-Wrench and E-Vise are the total torque solution to increase accuracy and reduce overall operational risk.

The E-Wrench™

The E-Wrench™ is a portable torque measurement system that comes complete with a 7” Android tablet ready for use on location. The E-Wrench™ provides traceability for the make-up of tubing conveyed bottom hole assemblies to ensure tools are run according to specifications. Audio and visual cues indicate when the targeted torque is reached, preventing over and under torquing the downhole tools.

The E-Wrench™ software is compatible with most Android, Bluetooth enabled devices and works in conjunction with the E-Wrench™.  The software allows for torque curves to be uploaded to a database or printed remotely from the table to a Bluetooth enabled printer, providing a permanent record of each torqued connection. The TTS Jaw Locking System enables the E-Wrench™ to grip the tools securely while making and breaking joints. This patent pending safety feature allows a single operator to perform these tasks and reduces the tendency of the wrenches to reactively bounce off the tool during breakout. A watertight chamber and vibration isolation grommets keep the electronics well protected, making the E-Wrench™ suitable for harsh oilfield conditions.

The E-Wrench™ is available in:
+ 36" Pipe Wrench
+ 48" Pipe Wrench
+ 2.88" OD Petol Wrench
+ 2-7/8" AOT Kelco K-25 Wrench  

Key features

  • Eliminates Over and Under Torquing
  • Durable Construction
  • Features TTS “Jaw Locking System”
  • Quality Tested and Inspected


This revolutionary product provides safe, accurate torque measurement in a versatile, compact design that accommodates virtually any shop environment. The E-Vise™ is compatible with existing vises and wrenches—no special tools are required for setup. Wireless connection to a Windows-compatible machine provides simple audio and visual cues to prevent over and under torquing equipment.

Key features

  • Easy to Install
  • No Hard-wire Connection Needed
  • Easy to Use
  • Records Data