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Stabilized Back Pressure Valve

The Stabilized Back Pressure Valve was developed for use in extreme conditions. Capable of handling higher flow rates for longer durations, the flapper is designed to stabilize (no valve flutter) when in the open position
to reduce spring fatigue and component wear. The Stabilized Back Pressure Valve can be used in any application, but has been proven to out perform typical back pressure valves in high flow operations.

Key features

  • Stabilized flapper to prevent wear caused by flow-induced flapper motion
  • Single piece heavy duty body to prevent flapper/seal misalignment
  • Back up rings for higher pressure and better chemical resistance
  • Specific designs capable of being rated for 15k psi operating pressure


2.881.001.55174,8564,4892-3/8" PAC,3136,086
2.911.001.75108,2182,4732-3/8" PH6
73.925.40.5349,0873,353,8215,8792-7/8" PAC,5237,971
3.441.001.75198,4004,4002-7/8" PH6
3.501.001.79218,5844,9872-7/8" PH6