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Slickline and Braided Line Services

Thru Tubing Solutions' Slickline and Braided Line solutions provide safe, reliable utility support for drilling, completions, production and pipeline operations. We offer a variety of cable types and sizes to accommodate many applications and environments. Coupled with the expert knowledge of our trained personnel and crew, our Slickline and Braided Line services provide a safe and economical solution for wireline support.


•             Bailing Sand and Debris

•             Bottomhole Pressure & Temperature Surveys

•             Broach Tubing & Plunger Installation

•             Fishing Operations

•             Gauge Runs

•             Gas Lift Gradient

•             Kinley Perforator, Sandline Cutter and Caliper

•             Lubricating Long Assemblies in the hole

•             Paraffin Cutting

•             Pipeline Tether Pull

•             Running Production Logging Tools

•             Running Tailpipes

•             Setting & Pulling Gas Lift Valves

•             Setting & Pulling Plugs & Chokes

•             Shifting Sleeves

•             Tagging Total Depth (T.D.)