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Proprietary Completion Chemicals

TTS’ line of proprietary completion chemicals enhance operational efficiency while decreasing costs associated with 3rd party vendors.  Each brand is a product of extensive research and development and has been tested against the leading additives in the industry. In addition to creating proprietary completion chemicals, TTS has numerous fully-automated “Chemical Plants” which deliver precise mixtures of fluids for downhole operations worldwide. Learn more about each of our downhole chemical solutions—Triboslick, RheoSlick, and ViscoSweep—with information available below. If you have any questions regarding the chemicals, or other TTS products, one of our specialists would be happy to speak with you. Contact a representative here

TriboSlick® 97

Premium pipe-on-pipe lubricant that minimizes static and sliding friction in coiled tubing operations. TriboSlick 97 contains a combination of a boundary lubricant and an extreme pressure (EP) additive to minimize friction in a variety of situations. Stator elastomer compatibility is better than with other commonly-used lubricants. TriboSlick 97 functions well at low concentrations (0.25% v/v or less) in both fresh water and brine (tested at 100,000 ppm TDS). It disperses easily, which allows rapid mixing of concentrated solutions for injection into the circulating fluid. The required concentration will vary, depending on the circulating volume, surface area of the tubulars, and the amount of sand and debris in the wellbore. TriboSlick 97 should be used to ease getting through the bend into the horizontal, or if progress is slow due to excessive friction.

Key features

  • Eliminates the need to run graphite or beads in most circumstances
  • Withstands high TDS produced water
  • Compatible with anionic turbulent drag reducers


Designed for rapid dispersion and emulsion inversion, these highly concentrated anionic friction reducers immediately go to work, significantly reducing pressure losses due to turbulent frictional drag. 


RheoSlick FW

  • Fresh Water
  • 2% KCI Brine


RheoSlick HB

  • Heavy Brines
  • High TDS Produced Water


RheoSlick CAT

  • Used to maintain compatibility with cationic stimulation chemicals


Our gels, designed for sweeps, have premium viscosity profiles formulated specifically for CT and stick-pipe operations. Against a wide range of oilfield waters and at reduced mix ratios where alternative products fail, these products provide rapid hydration, optimal suspension characteristics and superb carrying capacity.  ViscoSweep products are also highly effective turbulent drag reducers (FR’s) at low concentrations.


ViscoSweep HB

Synthetic anionic polymer emulsion formulated to provide rapid hydration in:

  • Fresh Water
  • Heavy Brine
  • High-TDS Produced Water


ViscoSweep XHB

Synthetic anionic polymer dispersion forumlated to provide rapid hydration in:

  • Fresh Water
  • Acidic Brines
  • Acidic, High-TDS Produced Water
  • High Iron & Low pH Conditions


ViscoSweep SXG35

Organophilic clay-free, premium-quality, Xanthan gum slurry with superior suspension stability

  • Fresh Water
  • High-TDS Brines
  • Low pH
  • Suspends particles when static