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Milling & Cleanout Services

TTS offers a wide array of common mills and bits, including specialized designs like Twister Mills and Carbide Insert Mills. In highly deviated wells, the use of an XRV™ (Extended Reach Vibratory Tool) allows access to greater depths by reducing friction lock caused by helical buckling. These, along with a rugged motor designed to handle harsh conditions in horizontal wells, simplify the process of milling plugs, valves, concrete, etc.


TTS’ rugged milling BHA is designed to withstand the demanding side loading stresses associated with working in horizontal wells. From top to bottom, this tool string was engineered to reach TD.

Key features
  • Versatile BHA Components
  • Proprietary Equipment
  • Rugged Design
System components
Carbide Mill

The standard for normal cleanouts, the carbide mill can have any combination of shapes and sizes to meet customer needs.

XRV-Extended Reach Tool

Designed without any moving parts or elastomers, this vibratory tool enables coiled tubing to reach depths that were previously unobtainable. 

Hydraulic Disconnect

Used for releasing the coiled tubing from the BHA if it becomes stuck in the wellbore.

Hydraset Jar

Used to free immobilized tool strings in the wellbore. The HydraSet™ Jar has a hydraulic assist feature for resetting the tool for subsequent impacts. 

Back Pressure Valve

Provides a means of connecting a BHA to the end of coiled tubing. 

Coiled Tubing Connector

Provides a means of connecting a BHA to the end of coiled tubing.

Circulating Sub

Provides a mean of circulation to the annulus upon activation.

Titan Motor

This rugged downhole motor provides many hours of reliable service under demanding operating conditions.