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Inflatable Bridge Plugs

Thru Tubing Solutions newest innovation for well intervention and well control includes a complete product line of inflatable packers ranging in size from 1.69" OD to 11.0" OD. This patent-pending system provides the ability to run and set the packers via a simultaneous rig up with a combination wireline and capillary string unit without requiring a tubular work string. If desired, the packers may also be run and set with jointed pipe or coiled tubing. Disconnecting from the packer downhole is simple and straightforward, allowing the packer to be retrieved at a later time with wireline or tubing.

The primary reason to utilize inflatable packers is the ability to create a barrier below a casing restriction whether it be in the wellhead or casing. For fluid sensitive formations, employing the TTS' wireline-set inflatable packer exposes the formation to the least amount of fluid possible. In addition to minimal fluid requirements, other benefits to setting inflatable packers via wireline/capillary string include reduced time to run and inflate, accurate depth control when used with collar locators, and minimal footprint on location. The TTS' inflatable packer can be set up to function as a standard packer, retrievable bridge plug, or as a permanent bridge plug when used in conjunction with cement which is dump bailed on top. 

Standard rig up procedure requires a dual sheave for the wireline and capillary string with a specialty flange below the pack off to accommodate both the wireline and capillary string. The BHA is run in hole to the desired depth via E-Line or braided line. Fluid is then pumped through the capillary string to inflate the packer. At this point the packer assembly can be disconnected if desired and the running BHA retrieved from the well. Later retrieval of the packer can be accomplished using the same wireline unit if desired.