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Geothermal Services

Unparalleled Efficiency and Dependability in Geothermal Operations

The geothermal industry has positioned itself as a prominent sector within global efforts for sustainable energy solutions.  Specialized expertise and equipment are essential for the safe and reliable construction, maintenance, and repair of geothermal wells.

Our proprietary Casing XRVs aid in friction reduction and provide superior cementing integrity during completion operations.  These tools are designed to provide oscillating axial force to ensure casing is installed to TD while minimizing fatigue. The absence of elastomers in the XRV technology eliminates chances of failure.

Remedial services play a critical role in ensuring the integrity of the well throughout its lifetime.  Our live-well intervention solutions for casing deformation and milling/cleanouts utilizing our rugged all-metal motor are second to none.

Overall, these services, paired with our custom tool fabrication capabilities, are essential for maximizing the energy output of geothermal wells while minimizing the risk of failure or downtime.