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Extended Reach Technology

Thru Tubing Solutions' line of extended reach technology is designed to break friction and reach depths beyond computer model predictions. 


Thru Tubing Solutions’ XRV is a dynamic excitation tool that enables coiled tubing to reach depths that were previously unobtainable. Engineered without moving parts or elastomers, our XRV can handle virtually any environment, chemical or temperature. The innovative, compact design utilizes a specialized flow path to create a varying flow resistance which acts much like an opening and closing valve. The XRV is the shortest, most reliable downhole extended reach tool on the market. 

Key features

  • Compact, Rugged Design
  • No Moving Parts – Highly Reliable
  • Unlimited Temperature Range
  • No Elastomers – Compatible with any Fluid
  • Wide Range of Operational Flow Rates
  • Low Differential Pressure


O.D.LengthOverpullTorqueFlow RateConnection
1.251.1022,0813270.57/8" AM MT
1.691.2042,94346011" AM MT
2.131.3961,3029941.5, 2, 2.51-1/2" AM MT
2.882.24162,1664,4892.5, 3, 3.5, 4 or 4.52-3/8" PAC
3.132.54190,7165,8792.5, 3, 3.5, 4 or 4.52-7/8" PAC

WavForce XRV

The WavForceXRV represents the most cutting-edge extended reach technology on the market. This completely redesigned tool is tuned for maximum coiled tubing vibration while maintaining low operating pressures. Engineered with an open flow path, the WavForceXRV never fully
blocks all flow through the tool, ensuring circulation capability. Combined with Thru Tubing Solutions’ proven BHA, this tool provides maximum run in speeds for shortest time on location.


O.D.LengthOverpullFlow RateConnection
2.883.83115,5003 - 42-3/8" PAC
3.133.99105,1834 - 52-3/8" REG

Casing XRV™


The Casing XRV™ enhances casing installation and cement bond by minimizing friction between the wellbore and casing or other completions during horizontal operations. This technology aids in reaching TD with reduced fatigue, and its adaptable design accommodates various pump rates and pressures. The absence of elastomers in the XRV™ technology eliminates potential failure points. With the Casing XRV™, producers can efficiently achieve their targeted depths and enhance cementation during completion operations.

Improved production can be tied to a better frac. A better frac can be tied to an improved cement job. An improved cement job can be obtained with a Casing XRV.  

The Casing XRV is available with a drillable insert. Typically run on intermediate casing strings, the insert would be drilled out with other float equipment