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Electric Line Services

Electric Line Services

Thru Tubing Solutions' electric-line services offer an extensive portfolio of cased-hole intervention services for a range of oilfield applications; including logging and specialty pipe-recovery applications. With the experience of our highly trained personnel, our electric-line solutions are engineered to provide an efficient evaluation of your well needs to help increase productivity and minimize nonproductive time on location.


•             Casing & Tubing Cutters

•             Pipe Recovery

•             Back-Off Services

•             Logging Services

•             Bridge Plugs/Setting Tools

•             Horizontal Well Completions

•             Pump Downs

Distributed Fiber Optics

Our electric-line services have been expanded to include Distributed Fiber Optic Surveillance. With our new electro-optical hybrid line we are able to deliver electrical power, commute control signals, and stream data from tool strings to surface equipment. We are also able to read temperature and acoustic profiles simultaneously across the entire length of the line. Engineered to withstand harsh downhole environments, our fiber optic services can help with your most challenging wells. Rapid turnaround of the data will enable remediation services during the same visit for the most costefficient operation. Thru Tubing Solutions can combine fiber surveillance with its existing wireline services, pressure control infrastructure, and intervention technologies to quickly diagnose issues and restore production.


•             Tubing or Casing Leak

•             Flow Behind Casing

•             Gas Lift Valve Leak

•             Fracture Driven Interaction

•             Overburden Monitoring

•             Sustained Annulus Pressures

•             Survey's on Permanent Fiber Optic Installs