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Downhole Motors

TTS’ rugged downhole motors are built to handle the demanding conditions of horizontal wells. Every motor and mill/bit selection is specifically fit for each job to ensure the greatest chances for success.

F5 Downhole Motor

The F5 Downhole Motor is a heavy duty motor that is built for extreme durability and maximum torque.  It includes a rugged bearing section that has been engineered to outlast the more challenging drilling operations and aggressive environments.  The power section is capable of producing tremendous torque without a significant increase in pressure and can handle higher flow rates when compared to conventional motors in the industry.

Key features

  • High Flow Rates - Higher Annular Velocity
  • High Torque Ratings To Reduce Stalls
  • Rotor Catch Feature
  • Sealed Bearing Assembly
  • Robust Design Optimized for Deviated Wellbores


3.131.0 - 5.02-7/8" PAC
79.4159 - 795

Titan Downhole Motor

The high performance Titan motor was designed exclusively for the workover/coiled tubing market. It provides many hours of reliable service under demanding operating conditions, such as repeated jarring and side loading from working in horizontal wells. The sealed bearing pack incorporates a patented bearing section that has no traditional roller or ball bearings, which can become damaged when jarred upon.

Key features

  • Thrust Washer Bearings
  • Mud Lube or Sealed Bearing Pack
  • Hot Hole and N2 Applications
  • Ability to Withstand Jar Impact
  • Robust Side Loading Strength


O.D.Flow RangeConnection
1.700.5 - 1.21" AM MT
43.280 - 191
2.130.5 - 1.41-1/2” AM MT
54.080 - 223
2.880.5 - 3.52-3/8” PAC
73.080 - 557

All Metal Motor

Thru Tubing Solutions' All Metal Motor combines a standard motor bearing pack with a power section that uses both a metal rotor and a metal stator. Typical stators use an internal rubber core bonded to a steel housing which can be susceptible to swelling or debonding in certain chemical envorinments downhole. Unlike rubber stators, a metal stator will have both a high chemical resistance and a broad temperature range to make it one of the most versatile motors on the market.

Key features

  • Durable Design
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • No temperature limitations


1.690.75 - 1.251" AM MT
42.9119 - 198
2.131.0 - 2.01-1/2” AM MT
54.0159 - 318
2.881.5 - 3.92-3/8” PAC
73.0239 - 620