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Custom Engineering Services

No two downhole projects are alike. At TTS, we understand the geographic and operational variables that have to be considered for optimum results. So when you need customized equipment to accommodate those challenges, we can help make it happen. From our abrasive cutting and perforating tools to our line of mills, we work with our clients to create the customized equipment needed to help meet performance demands. Many designed and engineered in-house. All with the same standard of quality you’ve come to expect from TTS.

Innovative tools custom engineered to address specific downhole challenges.

Expandable Shifting Tool

This tool was designed to close a ceramic flapper valve that could not be actuated with a standard shifting tool due to a restricted ID above.

The Expandable Shifting Tool is a wireline operated sleeve shifting tool with keys that expand out from the OD of the tool to a max of 3.44”. The hydraulic actuation of the keys is used to shift the sleeve without the need to mill out any restrictions above. The keys automatically release from the sleeve at the end of the stroke, leaving a slick OD to pull out of the hole.

Flat Catch Cutting Overshot

The patented Flat Catch Cutting Overshot is used to cut and retrieve coiled tubing that has been parted, stuck or abandoned in the wellbore. Once the appropriate overpull is reached, screws are sheared causing the blades to sever the coiled tubing. A clean fish neck is left looking up.

Angled Abrasive Perforator

Designed as an alternative to the cost and risk associated with section milling and TCP guns, the Angled Abrasive Perforator was custom engineered as a way to achieve communication to the casing annulus in preparation for a permanent sealant to be applied.

The Angled Abrasive Perforator penetrates the casing at an angle in order to control perforating depths and allow for the washing and removal of old cement.