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Completion Chemicals

Thru Tubing Solutions' field-proven line of performance additives is formulated specifically for the demands of the coiled-tubing industry. Our chemical portfolio is the result of world-class chemical expertise combined with lessons learned from unparalleled experience in coiled-tubing and stick-pipe drill-outs. 


Mixing System

Thru Tubing Solutions' state of-the-art Mixing System precisely measures chemical injection resulting in dramatically reduced wellbore costs. Optimizing chemical placement improves milling efficiencies, hole cleaning, and ensures chemical consumption is kept to a minimum.


Thru Tubing Solutions’ Chemical Injection units accurately measure chemical injection for effective pump pressure reduction, high ROP, and optimized wellbore cleaning. Each unit is equipped with four onboard chemical additive pumps. Chemical flow rates are monitored with Micro-Motion Coriolis flow meters downstream of each chemical pump. Coriolis flow meters are true mass-flow meters and are not adversely affective by viscoelastic fluids, unlike turbine flow meters. The data collected is remotely transmitted to the TTS Customer Portal via a wireless internet connection.

Additionally, the chemical injection units can monitor coil pressure, well head pressure and acoustic monitoring of wellbore returns, as required.