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Circulating Valves

Thru Tubing Solutions line of circulating valves allow operators to open and close ports on the side of the tool to increase circulating flow rates for improved wellbore cleaning. 


The MultiSweep tool is a multi-circulating valve operated by weight and pump pressure, that allows an operator to open and close ports on the side of the tool an infinite number of times to achieve increased circulating flow rates for improved wellbore cleaning during a drillout. Designed for stick pipe or coiled tubing applications, when set to "circulate," the flow is directed above the drilling Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), while in the "drill" position, the flow is channeled through the drilling BHA. In the "drill" mode, the tool can be utilized for both drilling and backreaming operations. Transitioning the tool to the "circulate" position is achieved by reducing the pump rate and lifting the BHA. To resume drilling or reaming, the tool string is lowered to return to the "drill" position.

Key features

  • Coiled Tubing or Stick Pipe Applications


2.883.10143,1782-3/8" PAC
3.133.17170,4052-3/8" PAC
3.503.11218,4002-7/8" PH6


The HydraSweep is a multi-cycle circulating valve that allows operators to divert flow to the annulus and back through the tool string as often as necessary by manipulating the fluid flow to the tool. The design allows for unlimited sequencing without the need to circulate any balls down the coiled tubing. Pump pressure can be used as an indicator of the multi-cycle circulation valve’s position. For example, a pressure decrease will be seen when the flow is diverted to the annulus. 

To find out more about the HydraSweep and other tools at Thru Tubing Solutions, get in touch with a representative. 

Key features

  • Unlimited Cycles
  • Increased Annular Velocity
  • Coiled Tubing Applications
  • Acid Compatibility
  • No Balls to Drop
  • Immediate Flow Diversion on Demand Saves Fluid
  • Options for 100% Flow Diversion or Limited Flow to Motor


2.130.757.5770,6309941-1/2" AM MT,0371,348
2.880.858.00174,8564,4892-3/8” PAC,3136,086,8225,8792-7/8” PAC