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Abrasive Release Connector

The Abrasive Release Connector combines the functionality of a coiled tubing connector and a disconnect into one tool. This combination allows for a shorter BHA as well as the ability to leave the entire BHA disconnected downhole. If the BHA were to become stuck, a ball is dropped from surface to activate the tool. Once landed, this ball redirects flow to a cutting  mechanism within the Abrasive Release Connecter. After redirecting the flow, an abrasive slurry is pumped from surface and within a matter of minutes, the abrasive slurry cuts the tool, separating the BHA from the coiled tubing. What is left is a “slick” OD that matches the coiled tubing with no external upsets to catch on additional debris while pulling out of hole, reducing the likelihood of having to cut coil at surface.

Key features

  • Provides a shorter BHA by combining two tools into one
  • Replaces standard hydraulic disconnect
  • Leaves a "slick string" OD equal to the coiled tubing


2.382.881.001.012-3/8" PAC
2.383.131.001.022-7/8" PAC
2.632.881.001.022-3/8" PAC
2.633.131.001.022-7/8" PAC

Tools available to accommodate most common wall thicknesses