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Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP)

Thru Tubing Solutions offers a complete line of TCP systems for highly deviated and horizontal wells. Whether the application is part of the original well design or in response to unexpected well conditions; running perforating guns on tubing ensures reaching targeted depth in circumstances where it is impossible to pump wireline guns down. The systems are adaptable to a variety of gun lengths to accommodate a range of completion procedures and job scenarios.

Our experienced personnel have extensive knowledge in TCP operations providing the best results possible for our customers.


•    Multistage Completions
•    Deviated or Horizontal Wells
•    Plug-and-Perf Tandem Runs
•    Over or Underbalanced Perforating


•    Simultaneously Perforate Long or Spaced Out Intervals
•    Various Firing Systems
•    No Temperature Concerns
•    Gun Release System (Auto or Manual)


Our shaped charge systems are sourced from industry leading manufacturers to ensure reliability. We supply a variety of firing heads to accommodate numerous job scenarios, ranging in sizes from 1-3/8” to 3-3/8”.

Firing Systems Available:

•    Ball or Bar Drop
•    Pressure Actuated
•    Time Delay
•    Extended Time Delay