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NitroTuff Abrasive Technology

Thru Tubing Solutions prides itself on a commitment of continuous improvement. By expanding upon proven technologies and practices in the industry, the NitroTuff Abrasive Technology was developed to provide a safer alternative to conventional methods. Instead of using explosives or wireline perforating, NitroTuff uses a mixture of sand, water, and gel for tubular cutting and perforating.

Whether perforating, cutting, or slotting; TTS can provide fit-for-purpose tools for challenges that require unique solutions.


The patented Bypassing Perforator allows the operation of tools below the perforator, the perforator itself, and then below the perforator again in a single run. This system is typically run with a motor for toe prep operations to provide a means of milling/cleaning to bottom prior to and after perforating.

Key features
  • Single Trip Flow-Thru/Perforate/Flow-Thru
  • Proven Perforating Technology
System components
Carbide Mill

The standard for normal cleanouts, the carbide mill can have any combination of shapes and sizes to meet customer needs.

Titan Motor

This rugged downhole motor provides many hours of reliable service under demanding operating conditions. 

Bypassing Perforator

Allows operation of tools below the perforator prior and after a series of perforations are made. 

Hydraulic Disconnect

Used for releasing the coiled tubing from the BHA if it becomes stuck in the wellbore. 

Back Pressure Valve

Prevents flow to the bottom hole assembly. 

Coiled Tubing Connector

External slip type coiled tubing connector provides a means of connecting a BHA to the end of coiled tubing.