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HZ Fishing Jar

The HZ Fishing Jar can be fired up or down multiple times simply by pushing or pulling on the immobilized tool string. A very low re-cocking force makes this design ideal for horizontal wells where pushing capabilities are limited. The jarring impact can easily be controlled by varying the applied force. No pre-setting or adjustments are needed before tripping in the hole or prior to jarring. A large thru bore is incorporated allowing ball actuated tools to be run below the jar.

Key features

  • Low Re-Cocking Force
  • Engineered for Horizontal Applications
  • Neutral Position
  • High Impact


O.D.I.D.Retracted LengthExtended lengthOVERPULLTorqueCONNECTION
1.700.565.146.0910,0004601" AM MT,526624
2.130.695.156.0718,0009941-1/2" AM MT,1651,348
2.880.889.0510.4936,0002,4652-3/8" PAC,3293,342