Solutions \ ZIPP SYSTEM

Solutions \ ZIPP SYSTEM


External Slip Type Coiled Tubing ConnectorProvides a means of connecting a BHA to the end of coiled tubing

Back Pressure ValvePrevents flow up the bottom hole assembly.

Hydraulic DisconnectUsed for releasing the coiled tubing from the BHA if it becomes stuck while in the wellbore

Abrasive PerforatorsSpecially designed to withstand perforating and fracing many zones in a single trip.

XRV G3Designed without any moving parts or elastomers,this vibratory tool enables coiled tubing to reach depths that were previously unobtainable.

M-50 PackerIsolates individual zones in a wellbore. The Zipp Packer is engineered to acomodate sand debris from perforating and fracing numerous zones.


The ZIPP System utilizes a specially designed perforator and packer to accomplish a multiple zone completion in a single trip in hole. Once the packer is set at the desired depth, the perforator is activated allowing the abrasive fluids to penetrate the formation in preparation for fracing. While maintaining pressure through the deployed equipment, the fracturing process is initiated through the annulus of the well. This process allows each zone to be isolated, perforated and fraced while all the equipment is still downhole.


+Single Trip Perforating and Fracturing
+Multiple Zone Capability
+Proven Perforating Technology
+Stage Specific Frac Placement
+Proven Abrasive Perforating Technology
+No Additional Clean Out Runs
+Coiled Tubing or Threaded Pipe Applications