Phase Separator 

Phase Separator 

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Phase Separator


The Phase Separator is used to separate gas out of comingled fluids prior to being pumped through downhole motors. These comingled fluids can cause motors to spin at extremly high RPMs while running in hole which can significantly reduce the life of the power section. This tool can easiliy be configured to divert the compressed gas to the annulus at various rates.

Key Features

Protects the Down-Hole Motors from High RPMs
+ Can be Specifically Tuned for Various Rates
+ Made from Coated Materials to Prevent Erosion


O.D. Length Overpull Torque Connection
in. ft. lbs. ft-lbs
mm m kg Nm
2.88 1.94 149,928 2,913 2-3/8" PAC + Add To Quote
73.2 0.59 68,006 3,949