F5 Downhole Motor 

F5 Downhole Motor 

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F5 Downhole Motor


The F5 Downhole Motor is a heavy duty motor that is built for extreme durability and maximum torque.  It includes a rugged bearing section that has been engineered to outlast the more challenging drilling operations and aggressive environments.  The power section is capable of producing tremendous torque without a significant increase in pressure, and can handle higher flow rates when compared to conventional motors in the industry.

Key Features

+  High Flow Rates - Higher Annular Velocity
+  High Torque Ratings To Reduce Stalls
+  Rotor Catch Feature
+  Sealed Bearing Assembly
+  Robust Design Optimized for Deviated Wellbores



O.D. Flow Range Connection
in. bpm
mm Lpm
3.13 1.0 - 5.0 2-7/8" PAC + Add To Quote
79.4 159 - 795