HydraSet™ CT Jar 

HydraSet™ CT Jar 

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HydraSet™ CT Jar


The TTS HydraSet™ Jar can be equipped with a hydraulic chamber which provides operators the ability to reset the jar hydraulically by increasing the differential pressure within the tool.  Additional hydraulic chambers can be added to the assembly to adjust the differential pressure required to reset the jar for subsequent impacts.  Each successive setting and firing of the jar can be performed without ever cycling coiled tubing, therefore extending coiled tubing string life and reducing cycle costs.

Key Features

+ Engineered for Horizontal Applications
+ Low Reset Force Requirement
Hydraulic Reset Option/Assist
+ High Impact Ratio
+ Rugged, Compact Design
Permits Circulation During Operation


O.D. I.D. Retracted Length Extended Length Overpull Torque Connection
in in ft ft. lbs ft-lbs
mm mm m m kg Nm
2.88 0.88 5.26 5.97 36,000 2,465 2-3/8" PAC + Add To Quote
73.0 22.4 1.60 1.82 16,329 3,342
3.13 0.88 5.26 5.97 43,000 5,879 2-7/8" PAC + Add To Quote
79.5 22.4 1.60 1.82 19,505 7,971