Back Pressure Float Valve 

Back Pressure Float Valve 

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Back Pressure Float Valve


The Back Pressure Float Valve is primarily used with jointed pipe operations where continuous flushing, due to pipe manipulation, can stir up debris and prevent most types of valves from sealing properly. This tool is very tolerant of debris-laden fluids and provides an additional safety barrier aside from typical valves included in the BHA.

Key Features

+ Utilizes Industry Standard Plunger Valve Cartridge
+ Provides Metal-to-Metal and Elastomeric Seal
+ Debris Tolerant


O.D. Length Overpull Torque Connection
in ft lbs ft-lbs
mm m kg Nm
3.06 1.10 218,570 4,489 2-3/8" PAC + Add To Quote
77.2 0.34 99,142 6,086